How to make Female happy

This is just my opinion, because i'm a female ^_^ female love many of thing, gadget, love, money, or something else. if you have a girls friend, you must to know that it's very interesting. Here are some thing that i like..
Here is my opinion about how to make female happy :
1. Cute mobile phones
2. Pink Laptop or notebook
3. Nice Man ^_^
4. Simple Autos as like Honda Jazz
5. Simple Home
6. Cute Ring
Hope you like it... and i hope some one give one one them he.. he.. he..


tikno said...

Well said and also frankly.
Just curious why there is no love in your list from #1 to #6

Meria said...

tikno : Sir, you're right, but this is only for fun and that's all. Of course Female very interesting about serious love friendship.. ^_^

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