How to be a smart female?

Guys.. i thing it's the hard question for all female in the world ^-^ !! We know that.. today.. Female and a Man is almost same.. i mean female can do anything !! so but how to become a smart female? is education enough for us? no i don't thing so.. i fell that education is not enough.. we need also some life experience to be the better and smart female.. yeah experience is the best teacher,.. did you ever hear that? Ha.. ha I always hear it from many people who has be a good people..

Trully i don't know it's.. i just want to know from all reader about smart female, what is smart female?
Here is the question from me

1. Is Education enough for us?
2. Life Experience?
3. Have more friends?
4. Have a good Job position?
5. Have a great family?
6. Smart thing?

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