Who the highest-paid Hollywood Actresses

            Who the highest-paid hollywood actresses, yeah of course you will be curious regarding earning for actress each year. For last year the highest-paid are got by Angelina Jolie and Sarah Jessica Parker. Each earning from both of them are $ 30m. This got according to Forbes.com.

            Angelina Jolie earned her title thanks to the global box office success of her films Salt and The Tourist.
Sarah Jessica Parker earnings came from repeats of TV show Sex and the City and the sequel to the spin-off film.

            In addition to income from the Sex and the City TV shows and films, which Parker both starred in and produced, the actress also raked in $18m (£11.2m) from her beauty and fashion lines. Parker jumped to the top of the list from her fifth position the year before when she earned an estimated $25m (£15.6m).

           Jolie's action film Salt brought in $300m (£187m) worldwide. And although The Tourist, co-starring Johnny Depp, was critically panned, it took $280m (£174m), with three-quarters of that haul coming from overseas markets.
            Forbes compiled the list by talking to producers, agents and Hollywood insiders to estimate earnings. Yeah if you have watched salt and also sex and city 2 won't be disappointed because these film are got the best movie and the best earning, you can see from earning by actress inside these film.

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