Swimming Learning for Female

            Swimming is one of sport that most people in the world very like this sport type. Swimming can be used as hobby or to maintain our health. Even swim can be used to cure diseases, as asthma. And also swimming can make us become taller, so that swim is advised when you are young or teens because on it age range, body easy to grow up.

            For now, mostly the person who learning swimming from a male coach. And some female is uncomfortable with this. And it will be better  for any woman who is interested in swimming lessons to look into female swimming instructors.

            After all, there is the ability for a female instructor to work with a woman's body in mind. The body of the average woman is radically different from the body of an average man. In fact the body fat that a woman will need to have to be a successful swimmer can actually be twice as much as what a male will need for success in the water. In fact female swimming instructors can offer information on women of all sorts about swimming including women who are pregnant

             The first lesson is beginner swimming lessons. This stage is suitable for the person who are new to swimming. The focus of the class is on the basic water skills, basic strokes and deep water orientation. During this stage, you will learn to
* Build up your water confidence
* Basic water skill like float, submerge and breathing technique.
* Swim a basic stroke. as, Freestyle or Breaststroke.

           The second lessons is intermediate swimming lessons. You will be able to swim at least 200 meters. In this class, you will gain proficiency in the following strokes:
* Freestyle and Breaststroke.
* Threading Water and Diving.

           The third lessons is Advance swimming lessons. Advance stage is where you will swim gracefully for long distance. This is achievable by correcting your swim stroke with body streamline, stamina and endurance training. Students who are at advance level will learn how to perform:
* Backstroke and Butterfly
* Somersault (Flip Turns) and Plunging
* Stroke correction and streamline
* Gain stamina in swimming


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