Personality woman seen from the shape of her breasts

Personality woman seen from the shape of her breasts? - Did you know, it shapes women's breasts can reveal the owner's personality? Thus expressed by an Italian sex expert, Piero Lorenzoni. This is expressed in the German daily, Bild. Piero had to categorize some types of women's breasts as the fruit forms. Among these are melon, lemon, pineapple, grapes, oranges, cherries and pears. "Women who have a form of large, round breasts like a melon is usually motherhood. But he liked to eat, like to be pampered and admired. Unfortunately, women like this type of breast does not like sex, "he said. "The women who form a lemon-like breasts of women classified as active, free and always the center of attention," said by Peiro.

Owner breasts like fruit oval pineapple classified according Piero smart. Although including a tenacious worker, but the pineapple is known busty women very romantic, and loyal to the couple. "Most men are favored by women who have breast-like shape of wine. Small, but solid hang. Although shy and very modest in sexual activity, women's breasts owner category was very fond of wine spoiled couple on the bed and would rather give love than just sex, "said Piero in detail.

"Women with breast-like shape of an orange, small and round. Usually do not like the warm atmosphere during lovemaking and not too interested in sex. But these women are usually smart and more interested in knowledge, "said Piero. Women with small breasts shape resembles cherry fruit is usually funny and fun. They are clever and entertaining others and take intelligent. They also can be a great partner in everyday life. In addition they are also very interested in sex.

Whereas women who have breast shape resembles a pear is a person who likes a challenge. Like indulgence in love and good at pretending. Usually women who have a pear-shaped breasts look very religious, but on other occasions also very good at covering the affair.(


A Fauzi said...

This posting very manstab ... i like it !

Meria said...

ha.. ha.. "manstab?" you are funny guy dude.. :D

Toko Online Indonesia said...

It's hard to imagine the shape you describe without the pictures of it

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