How to solve sleeping problem at night ?

How to solve sleeping problem at night ?  overcome the problem of disturbed sleep, how quickly tips so we can sleep at night? the problem is very annoying difficulty sleeping, we are not excited in the morning because of lack of sleep. What should we do so we can sleep well every day?. We are used to busy working every day, and feel tired streess is the main cause sleeping problem. Problems of work has always been our thoughts every day, family problems and children can also affect our lives that result in difficulty sleeping at night. and how so we can sleep at night every day more quekly?

This issue is very long indeed if discuss in detail, but I have a few tips to get before go to bed. The first thing you should do is you have to eliminate all the problems in your mind at night, try to be fresh bodies when we are going to sleep, eat lots of green vegetables, green vegetables are good because many contain vitamins and minerals that help your body metabolism, drink regular mineral water, drank a glass or two glasses of water at a time when we would sleep, if you like listening to music, try playing classical music as an accompanist you sleep. some of these tips helpful for you who have "difficulty sleeping problems", may be useful ^ _ ^

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