who the most beautiful artist?

I really like the pretty artist and good at playing a movie, or singing, they have a beautiful face and also smart. I can not mention who the artist of the most beautiful, but we can choose their own, who's the most beautiful artist. Angelina Jolie is one the beautiful artist, he's smart to play the movie, Tomb rider is one of the film. Anyone else? a lot! I just wanted to ask to the readers of this blog, in your opinion, who is the most beautiful artist? this we see of her looks and skills in the world of entertainment..

Tom Watson biography from wiki

Here is for Tom Watson fans, if you like him, you should read this Tom Watson biography

(wikipedia) - Thomas Sturges "Tom" Watson (born September 4, 1949) is an American professional golfer, who has played on the PGA Tour and now mostly Champions Tour.

In the 1970s and 1980s, Watson was one of the leading players in the world, winning eight major championships and heading the PGA Tour money list five times. He was the number one player in the world according to McCormack's World Golf Rankings from 1978 through 1982; in both 1983 and 1984 he was ranked second behind Seve Ballesteros. He also spent 32 weeks in the top 10 of the successor Sony Rankings in their debut in 1986.

Masters Golf Tournament 2010

Masters Golf Tournament 2010 - Well, who never know about Masters Golf Tournament? this is a great golf tournament, this is a golf championship for professional golfer. The 2010 masters golf tournamet will begin from 7-4-2010. The Masters is organised every year at the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia, USA.

"The tournament has drawn the whole worlds attention due to Golfer Tiger Woods participation in the event. This is the first time Woods is playing golf after the controversies which surrounding him about alleged affairs"(panasianbiz.com).

check at www.masters.com for more information about Masters Golf Tournament 2010

Malcolm McLaren Sex Pistols manager dies

Malcolm McLaren Sex Pistols manager dies - this is the bad news for Malcolm McLaren fans, Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren is dead. Malcolm McLaren one of the seminal figures of the punk rock era, died Thursday, He was 64. Malcolm McLaren died of an aggressive form of cancer in Switzerland.

hiphopdx.com "Known by Hip Hop fans for his 1983 "Buffalo Gals," British vocalist Malcolm McLaren died today (April 8). He was 64 years old, and believed to have been recently diagnosed with Cancer. According to the BBC's report, family members are "devastated." The '70s and '80s icon died in New York, but will reportedly be returned to his native England for funeral services."

tiger woods nike commercial - new from tiger woods !!

tiger woods nike commercial - well this is a nike commercial very stranger commercial i thing, Tiger does not say anything in the ad, he just looks very serious, I think we all know why.. hmm

tiger woods nike commercial - new from tiger woods !!

West Virginia Mine !!

West Virginia Mine !! check this out from "west Virginia mine" news..
aolnews.com-(April 6) -- West Virginia is facing "a very long day" as crews work to release dangerous methane gas before resuming the search for four missing miners later today, a day after a major underground explosion killed 25 of their co-workers in America's worst mine disaster since 1984.

The search for possible survivors from Monday's blast was called off overnight because of rising methane gas levels in the Massey Energy Co.'s sprawling Upper Big Branch mine near Montcoal, about 30 miles south of West Virginia's state capital, Charleston. Higher levels of methane gas increase the risk of another explosion. Officials said at a news conference before dawn this morning that three bore holes must be drilled into the earth to allow the toxic gases to escape and the air to clear before rescuers can re-enter.

West Virginia Gov. Joe Manchin III said this morning that drilling on the first 1,100-foot-deep hole had begun but would take at least 12 hours, meaning it wouldn't be finished until evening. "It's going to be a very long day," he said on NBC's "Today" shows.(readmore at aolnews.com)

WNBA Draft 2010 round 1 & round 2

WNBA Draft 2010 round 1 & round 2

2010 WNBA Draft Round 1
1 Connecticut Sun - Tina Charles Connecticut
2 Minnesota Lynx - Monica Wright Virginia
3 Minnesota Lynx - Kelsey Griffin Nebraska (traded to Connecticut)
4 Chicago Sky - Epiphanny Prince Botas/Rutgers
5 San Antonio Silver Stars - Jayne Appel Stanford
6 Washington Mystics - Jacinta Monroe Florida State
7 Connecticut Sun - Danielle McCray Kansas
8 Los Angeles Sparks - Andrea Riley Oklahoma State
9 Atlanta Dream - Chanel Mokango Mississippi State
10 Seattle Storm - Alison Lacey Iowa State
11 Indiana Fever - Jene Morris San Diego State
12 Los Angeles Sparks - Bianca Thomas Mississippi

2010 WNBA Draft Round 2

13 New York Liberty - Kalana Greene Connecticut
14 Washington Mystics - Jenna Smith Illinois
15 Connecticut Sun - Allison Hightower Louisiana
16 New York Liberty - Ashley Houts Georgia
17 San Antonio Silver Stars | Alysha Clark Middle Tennessee
18 Washington Mystics - Shanavia Dowdell Louisiana Tech
19 Tulsa Shock - Amanda Thompson Oklahoma
20 Los Angeles Sparks - Angel Robinson Georgia
21 Atlanta Dream - Brigitte Ardossi Georgia Tech
22 Seattle Storm - Tanisha Smith Texas A&M
23 Indiana Fever - Armelie Lumanu Mississippi State
24 Phoenix Mercury - Tyra Grant Penn State

how to make a man fall in in love with a woman

how to make a man fall in love with a woman
real men always see the beauty of women, but beside that they also must have seen our personalities, whether we are a good woman or not, then how do I make a man fall in love with a woman? the answer depends very much and man himself, I wanted to share how to get a man according to my knowledge.

Here I want to share a few tips, hopefully we can get the guy we want, choose a good man, do not choose a man a playboy because this will make us hurt, sometimes handsome men have many girlfriends, so be careful when choosing men, make sure he was a good guys

1. be nice to the man
2. should not be excessive but reasonable
3. show to men that we are a good woman
4. show our strengths such as in education or employment
5. keep an eye on how to talk to us, learn to speak politely to the man

Hope you like it and get the man now ^_^...

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