West Virginia Mine !!

West Virginia Mine !! check this out from "west Virginia mine" news..
aolnews.com-(April 6) -- West Virginia is facing "a very long day" as crews work to release dangerous methane gas before resuming the search for four missing miners later today, a day after a major underground explosion killed 25 of their co-workers in America's worst mine disaster since 1984.

The search for possible survivors from Monday's blast was called off overnight because of rising methane gas levels in the Massey Energy Co.'s sprawling Upper Big Branch mine near Montcoal, about 30 miles south of West Virginia's state capital, Charleston. Higher levels of methane gas increase the risk of another explosion. Officials said at a news conference before dawn this morning that three bore holes must be drilled into the earth to allow the toxic gases to escape and the air to clear before rescuers can re-enter.

West Virginia Gov. Joe Manchin III said this morning that drilling on the first 1,100-foot-deep hole had begun but would take at least 12 hours, meaning it wouldn't be finished until evening. "It's going to be a very long day," he said on NBC's "Today" shows.(readmore at aolnews.com)

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