Problem with microsoft Windows Vista

Oh guys.. i have Problem with Microsoft Windows Vista, i can't install anything my favorite program to My Vista OS on my computer, what happen with my new Windows Vista? I have my favorite software, programs that i like is music composer software, i used this software every time, because i love music and i have songs that i created. But after i installed Vista, my program didn't work !!

Searching in Google, finally i found the problem on Vista, actually this is not Vista problem, but Vista usually support software with 64bit system, and this is my problem.. My program isn't support 64bit operating system he.. he.. i'm beginner in computer software.. but this is 100% my fault.. i fell so idiot ha.. ha.., by the way after find the solutions, i'm came back to Windows XP !! this is the simple and amazing operating system ..
Thank's ^_^

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