New Tatoo for Jennifer Aniston

            At the age of 42, Jennifer Aniston finally decided to get a tattoo. Small-sized tattoo is located on the left side of her right foot. The tattoo reads "Norman", in memory of Norman, Corgi-terrier pet dog which died last May at age 15. Jennifer making it too late to get a tattoo like that? Does a tattoo done to rival Angelina Jolie, who also had a dozen tattoos on his body?  

            Apparently, not a question of concern Ami James, the famous tattoo artist since starring in the show Miami Ink in 2005. As a first tattoo artist who became a celebrity, James lots of tattoo culture in the streets watching South Beach, Miami.
           James more often observe the celebrity tattoo style, not to mention Jennifer Aniston, who first showed her tatoo foot in the city. "Tattoos of memories is something that is serious, and often necessary. But Jennifer chose one of the worst places to put it," said James.  
           According to him, the feet are always exposed to other objects consistently, will flake off by itself naturally, and will always be rubbed-string. Not even a good tattoo will last that long. "Jennifer is lucky that the tattoo will still look good for several months," he said.

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