Latin America Idol Little History

Latin America Idol Little History - A lot of program Idol like this one, yeah one of them is "Latin America Idol", Latin America Idol is a music tv show, yups.. this is a reality show from Sony Entertainment Television network. I thing this is maybe like America Idol, POp Idol, or anything like that. This reality goal is to find and to search a good singer, singer with a lot of talent can be found on this tv show, you can find a great people in there. This is i found at wikipedia and you can read it for more complete information about Latin America Idol.

Latin American Idol is a reality television series on the Sony Entertainment Television network based on the popular Pop Idol. The show, the first Idol series in the world to be run in Spanish, is a contest to determine the best young singer in Latin America, excluding Portuguese-speaking Brazil, which has its own version of the Idol series, Ídolos Brazil.

Latin American Idol is hosted by Erika de la Vega from Venezuela and Monchi Balestra from Argentina. The judges consist of Cuban-born American Jon Secada, Gustavo Sánchez from Puerto Rico and Mimi from Mexico. Auditions for the first season were held from late April to mid May 2006 in Caracas, Venezuela; Bogotá, Colombia; Mexico City, Mexico and finishing in Buenos Aires, Argentina; the host country. The series premiered on July 12, 2006.

It was announced in late December 2006 that judge Elizabeth Meza would be leaving the show, due to her wanting to dedicate full time to her career as a solo jazz singer. On March 2007, Sony Entertainment Television informed that former Flans member, Irma Angélica Hernández Ochoa known as "Mimi", would be replacing Meza in the jury's table. From now on, she along with Secada and Sánchez will help Latin America find their next Idol.

Carlos Peña is the only male to win the competition. First season winner Mayré Martínez, second season winner Carlos Peña, third season winner Margarita Henríquez and fourth season winner Martha Heredia are the only contestants to never have been in the bottom two or three during the course of the show.

At age 17, Margarita Henríquez, became the youngest person to win the Latin American Idol competition. She claimed the title on October 9, 2008 at the end of the show's third season finale. It has been the most successful season of the show so far due to the highest rating levels ever in the Central America area which was never very interested on the show until that season when 5 contestants from that region made it through the Top 12: Margarita Henríquez, Anne Loraine Lanier and Manuel Salas from Panamá, José Manuel Espinoza from Nicaragua and María José Castillo from Costa Rica.

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