women how to get money from google

women how to get money from google - Let us learn together how I can get dollars from the Internet and of course from Google. I was a university graduate in unpad Indonesia, majoring in college I took a chemistry major. After several months studying the Internet, especially after I knew how to optimize websites that we have to make money, I began seriously in the field of internet marketing.

Here I'll talk about Google Adsense, Google adsense is an internet advertising company that provides advertising space for advertisers, and for those who have websites or blogs, can sign up to google adsense. if you are lucky, congratulations .. you have chosen the right path for your future.

Once you have received in google adsense, then your next task is to put adsense code in your blog, be careful in these advertisements, if any, then you will not get optimal results. Make your ad colors as closely as possible with your website, this will create between advertising and content seen together.

The next task is how you get a lot of visitors to your blog, you try to learn search engine optimizer first, then deploy your website ad either paid or free.
Yup .. This is little thing you must to know to get some money with google adsense and i writing about google adsense, I will discuss in more detail about how to optimize google adsese in the next days
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