Green Lantern Opening Weekend disappointed

        Green Lantern is one of movie that it's adapted by comic. This movie seems have had a problem expanding beyond the core comic book constituency: According to studio estimates, the "Lantern" audience skewed male (64%) and older (63% over 25 years old.).

        It was a bad dream for Green Lantern which took in an estimated $52.7 million in it's opening weekend. Actually it's enough for first place when opening the movie, but it was disappointed because the franchise-baiting film has a $200 million budget, and came equipped with an expensive marketing campaign. 

         According to the early estimated Green Lantern ticket sales dropped precipitously from Friday ($21.6 million) to Saturday ($16.8 million), which indicates some negative audience buzz to match the harsh reviews. It's the lowest opening for a superhero film this summer, beneath "X-Men: First Class" ($56 million) and "Thor" ($66 million).
        Starring in Green Lantern are Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Peter Sarsgaard, etc. If you a comic maniac so you should be watch this movie, and i think it's one of amazing hero movie as one of my favorite artist is starring on this movie. 

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