Lindsay Lohan Got Trouble Again

           Actress Lindsay Lohan for this time got trouble again, who does not know that Lohan have had the bad story as long as her life regarding her bad habit.
           Lindsay Lohan's failed alcohol test last week will not be held against her because a judge did not renew a requirement that she be tested, according to a ruling in LA on Thursday. 
          The requirements that her supervised probation include random alcohol and drug testing expired in February when she was arrested on a necklace theft charge and transferred from a Beverly Hills court to the Los Angeles airport branch, Judge Stephanie Saunter said.

           "Lindsay has done nothing wrong," defense attorney Shawn Holley said after the hearing. Contrary to what the judge and the probation officer believed until Thursday, it was not against Lohan's probation rules to drink and she did not have to submit to tests, Saunter ruled.

           Lindsay Lohan wrote on her twitter that she said thank you for all her fans for support.  Lohan failed an alcohol test administered by a probation officer last week and was ordered to go before the judge for a probation violation hearing Thursday morning. But Lohan's attorney convinced the judge the testing requirement had lapsed in February.

           The actress is confined to her Venice Beach, California, home because of a jail sentence imposed by Saunter last month. But Saunter failed to renew the testing requirement when she renewed Lohan's supervised probation. Lohan was allowed to serve a reduced sentence at home because, as a nonviolent offender, she qualified a home confinement program intended to reduce overcrowding.

            Lohan entered drug rehab last year to avoid a jail sentence imposed by another judge. But Saunter made it clear in court last month that she didn't think drugs and alcohol were the root of Lohan's legal troubles.

           "She's got other problems for which she self-medicates," Saunter said at her sentencing in May. Lohan's four years in and out of court and sometimes jail started with two drunken-driving arrests in 2007. Since then, she's spent more than eight months in substance-abuse rehabilitation programs.

           But the girl who has 24 years old said that she was responsible and she will following the rules and obeying her judge. TMZ adds that Lohan is reportedly blaming her failed test on tea, not the consumption of beer, wine or liquor.

           The website refers to "friends" of Lohan’s who claim she’s told them it was kombucha tea. The company producing her beverage of choice says the drink's alcohol content is less than .05 percent. As she’s told Life & Style and "Extra" in the past,  she said that she will still focused on putting in the work to get her career back on track. “I'd like to do what I must to get my film career back and the respect of directors, actors, writers, studio heads, fans and so on,” she told TMZ.

            The judge ruled Thursday that it wasn't against Lohan's probation rules to drink and she didn't have to submit to testing, since the requirements for random drug and alcohol testing during her supervised probation expired back in February and weren't renewed. So while the judge found Lohan to be exhibiting "extremely poor judgement," bad decision-making isn't in violation of her probation.

            Saunter did lay down one rule for the rest of Lohan's house arrest: "You are not to have parties," she told the star. "I am ordering it. You can have one friend at a time. That is it." It's expected that Lohan, on July 2, will be released from house arrest in early July.


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