Jennifer Lopez might be Leave Idol

          Anyone who watch American idol surely know that Jennifer Lopez is one of  jury on American idol. We know that her comment or critic are polite and not offend the contestants even she was cry when she should be eliminate one of American idol contestant. She felt guilty because her life is low profile and she lone anyone who in American idol.

          Jennifer Lopez became a favorite on this season of “American Idol” as she won over the audiences with her compassion and nurturing judging of the contestants. 

           Many people said that J.Lo’s role on “Idol” revitalized her music career and her likeability. But now Jennifer is saying that she might not return on Idol in the next season because she has so many other commitments and movie roles coming up. So would this move be brilliant or bananas?

           I think the idea of Jennifer Lopez not returning to “Idol” is just bananas. I say work out your schedule Jennifer, because the show was great for you and you were great for the show! What do you think? Let me know below.

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