The Risk of Arthritis can be caused by High Heels

      Most women use a lot of high heels in the world, due to every woman want to beautify themselves in their performance, almost every women wear high heels when they will be go to the office, party, or the other activities that they will meet people. But you know that it could cause considerable harm for themselves.Yeah women who wear high heels could be putting themselves at risk of arthritis.
      So experts warned high heels can alter the body's posture and increase pressure on the foot, ankle, and knee joints, increasing the risk of  osteoarthritis.
      Osteoarthritis is caused by stress to the cartilage and also can be result from injury or general wear and tear on the joint. This can cause injury and stress on the joints, increasing the risk of debilitating condition. Experts also said that people especially women should be on their guard because arthritis is on the rise, with 60% cases in feet. Arthritis can make the people have suffered stiffness or pain in their lower body and feet.
      So, what the solutions for this. Yeah please to choose the correct footwear will help minimize the stress placed on the feet and joints during everyday activity and make reduce risk of injury and joints damage. For daily wear you can choose the recommendation a round-toed shoe with a heel height no more than 2 till 3 cm or 1 inch. So women please kindly keep you health because the beautiful woman is the healthy woman.

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